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Knysna Film Festival

Planning on attending the Knysna Film Festival on assignment as press?

If yes, please contact our press liaison on press. If you are interested in attending True/False on assignment as press, please contact our press liaison at: Once festival season opens this page will provide you with more information and press materials. To apply in advance of launch please email the festival director on the contact page.

Include the Following

Publication represented, Dates of attendance planned Interview requests & Your Full name, cell number and direct email address.

Press Material & Info

Press information, Key dates, Press releases, Awards announcements, Ticket Collection points and times. Pass collection points and times.

Limited Passes Available

The media pass allows you access to: Select events and functions, Ltd number of passes to Premier and Awards Gala and Some in and out competition films.

Please note: Limited number of passes to Premier and Awards Gala (Please Specify when applying)